The Most Frequently Asked Questions!

PejiAds aims to serve as a centralized hub for businesses and individuals to create, manage, and display their advertisements through a user-friendly interface. The platform will incorporate analytics tools to provide insights into advertisement performance and optimizing their campaigns.

You can click sign up at the right corner in the navigation bar. From there you will be able to register an account. After registering you can login.

Sponsors can see basic Performance metrics on their dashboard. Ad Managers will have more control over the Performance metrics where they will be able to see advanced Performance Metrics for advertisements.

Sponsors are users who will create ads. They upload their ads and they let Ad Managers handle the rest.

Ad Managers are users who use the ads that sponsors made and create campaigns for these ads. Ad Managers also approve and deny ads.

Yes, you absolutely can. Go to your profile and they will be an option to edit your profile.